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* Beyond the Gardens

“Readers can’t help but cheer Esperanza on as she finds out what life is like Beyond the Gardens. Funny, smart, and heartfelt—all that you want in an inspiring story.”—Margo Candela – Author of Underneath it all and More than this


“It’s not easy to figure out who you want to be, especially if you’re a chica from the barrio. With a crazy family and un amigo, who has suddenly decided he wants her, brainy college student, Esperanza, finds herself having to make some tough decisions. In this humorous and sweet novel, Lopez brings us lovable characters we want to root for from page one. Don’t miss it!”—Lara Rios – Author of Becoming Latina in 10 Easy Steps


"Excellent Young Adult novel...and enjoyable for adults, too. Esperanza, the main character, is a Latina who has always looked beyond the barrio for a future. She is the first person in her family to go to college, but can she bring her friends and family into her new life? Torn between the two worlds and longing to be her own person, the many conflicts she experiences are the core of this novel. Her close friend, Carlos, now wants to be her boyfriend. Jake, a white auto mechanic and musician, shares her love of books. But Esperanza is afraid she is doomed to follow in her mother’s footsteps and choose a man who will abuse her. Maybe this is all she deserves. Her conflicts are resolved when she discovers her true self. Along the way we are treated to wonderful dialogue, full of humor, and we find ourselves rooting for Esperanza." —Regina Anavy, Amazon Reviewer


"If I could describe this book in two words, they would be: Relatable and Amazing. It's just one of those books that any body, it doesn't matter if you're an alien or if you're a human being, could relate to just as long as they have something they want to do in life. It's character's are very diverse and readers will care about these characters long after the novel is finished! Being Latina myself, I enjoyed Esperanza's world and I believe that we should have more novel's out there like this one to help inspire our youth! Sandra completely captivated me with her writing and I am looking forward to reading more work from this author! I give this novel 5 out of 5 stars!"—M. Salinas, Amazon Reviewer




* Single Chicas

“Sandra López’s collection of stories in Single Chicas is humorous, poignant chick lit with a side of puro chisme. There's some heartbreak, cultura and romance in there, too, and a lot of insight on relationships and the “single-life.” López has made sure there's a little something for every chica to relate to—including this chica who couldn’t stop laughing or reading the next page.”—Sarah Rafael García, author of Las Niñas & Founder of LibroMobile


"Smash your rose tinted shades! Sandra Lopez tells it like she sees it in Single Chicas, applying her sardonic wit to Latinas relishing a deluxe assortment of romantic situations. Sharp and funny, you’ll find weddings, stalkers, complaints, advice, old ladies, young hotties, and much, much more." – Dawn Lyons


"The short stories in Sandra López’s Singles Chicas offer up a kind of anti-advice book for the modern age, where well-intentioned counsel is frequently more obstacle than shortcut on the road to happiness. Here, know-it-all older sisters, meddlesome aunts, well-meaning friends and bitter viejitas attempt to persuade, cajole, admonish and even victimize Lopez’s heroines into fulfillment. The result is a constellation of funny, poignant and noggin-rattling scenarios that remind us that the advice we give often reveals more about where the giver is coming from than where the receiver wishes to go." – Mike Padilla


"Single Chicas is witty, sassy, and engaging. Readers are dropped into the lives of thirteen women as they navigate the issues of singledom. You'd be hard-pressed to come away from this fast-paced read and not connect with at least one of these women. A must-read for any woman, Latina or not."—Jennifer Milliken, author of Full of Fire


“Sandra Lopez’s Single Chicas is a clever, breezy, highly entertaining collection of stories in the spirit of Maupassant or O. Henry, but with a Latina flair.   As her zany but lovable characters grapple with the foibles of family and the tribulations of romance, they lead us—often with wit, always with poise—on compelling emotional adventures.  A fine, fun read.”---Jacob M. Appel, author of Einstein’s Beach House


"It was like making thirteen new friends and having a really fun girls' night out or in, to share stories about our day while feasting on junk food." – Up Close and Literal